Managed Services

Manifold is a top technology solutions integrator and technology services provider in Nigeria whose services range from commercial IT businesses to Enterprise Solutions provision.

User Support Managed Services.

Efficient user support is the backbone of any organization’s IT environment. Our User Support Managed Service is designed to ensure that your employees have access to seamless technical assistance, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively without interruption.

Key Features

  • Helpdesk Support: Our experienced helpdesk team is available to provide prompt assistance to your employees, resolving their technical issues and inquiries in a timely manner.

  • Remote Troubleshooting: We can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems, minimizing downtime and getting your employees back to work quickly.

  • Software Support: From troubleshooting software glitches to providing guidance on application usage, we offer comprehensive software support to enhance productivity.

  • Hardware Assistance: Our experts assist with hardware-related issues, helping your employees set up, configure, and troubleshoot their devices.

  • User Training: We provide training resources to help your employees become more proficient with the technology they use, promoting self-sufficiency and reducing support requests.

  • Proactive Monitoring: We monitor user systems to identify potential issues before they impact productivity, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Network Managed Services.

A robust and reliable network is the foundation of a connected business. Our Network Managed Service ensures that your network infrastructure operates efficiently, securely, and without interruption.

Key Features:

  • Network Monitoring: We monitor your network infrastructure 24/7, identifying performance bottlenecks, security threats, and other issues.

  • Network Security: Our security measures include firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-malware solutions, and regular security audits to safeguard your network from cyber threats.

  • Network Configuration Management: We manage your network configurations, ensuring that they are optimized for performance and security.

  • Scalability Planning: As your business grows, we plan and implement network upgrades to accommodate increased demand.

  • Network Troubleshooting: Our experts diagnose and resolve network issues, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for your operations.

Infrastructure Managed Services.

Your IT infrastructure forms the backbone of your digital operations. Our Infrastructure Managed Service focuses on maintaining, optimizing, and future-proofing your technology foundation.

Key Features:

  • Hardware Management: We oversee the management, maintenance, and updates of your hardware components, including servers, storage, and data centers.

  • Virtualization and Cloud Integration: Our experts can virtualize servers and integrate cloud solutions to optimize resource utilization, scalability, and cost efficiency.

  • Data Backup and Recovery: We implement secure and automated data backup and recovery solutions, ensuring that your critical information is protected and can be swiftly restored.

  • Performance Optimization: Through regular analysis and adjustments, we ensure that your infrastructure performs at its best, delivering reliable and efficient services to your organization.

  • Capacity Planning: Anticipating future demands, we develop capacity plans to ensure your infrastructure can accommodate growth and changes without disruptions.

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