Software Defined
Data Center


The software-defined data center is a unified data center platform that provides unprecedented automation, flexibility and efficiency to transform the way you deliver IT. Compute, storage, networking, security and availability services are pooled, aggregated and delivered as software, and managed by intelligent, policy driven software. Self-service, policy-based provisioning, automated infrastructure and application and business management complete the picture. The result is a data center optimized for the cloud era, providing unmatched business agility, the highest service-level agreements (SLAs) for all applications, dramatically simpler operations and lower costs.

In a sense, the SDDC is simply the logical extension of server virtualization. Analogous to the way that server virtualization dramatically maximizes the deployment of computing power, the SDDC does the same for all the resources needed to host an application, including storage, networking and security.

Key Business Benefits

    1. Faster Time to Value
    2. Minimize IT Spend

Eliminate Vendor Lock-in

    1. Free IT Staff for Innovation
    2. Unmatched Efficiency and Resiliency

Manifold computers can help deliver tangible business value by:

    • Modeling cost savings
    • Designing SDDC architecture
    • Developing a migration plan

Recommending organization/process improvements

Compute, Storage and Network Virtualization
The term virtualization broadly describes the separation of a resource or request for service from the underlying physical delivery of that service. Manifold provides a blend of virtualization technologies or virtual infrastructure that provides a layer of abstraction between computing, storage and networking hardware, and the applications running on it.

Today’s idea economy calls for businesses to transform ideas into services at a faster pace. It has never been easier, or more crucial, to turn ideas into new products, services, or applications and quickly drive them to market.

Manifold deployment of virtual infrastructure is non-disruptive, giving administrators the advantage of managing pooled resources across the business, allowing IT managers to be more responsive to dynamic organizational needs and to better leverage infrastructure investments.

No matter where you are on your journey of digital transformation Manifold can meet your needs and provide the best turnkey solutions with our key partnership with market leaders and innovators of virtualization such as VMware Nutanix Red hat and Citrix


Explore your
Business potential

Manifold Computers offers end-to-end IT solutions including hardware, software, network infrastructure, systems integration and provisioning and implementation of mission-critical IT solutions. By taking advantage of best practices across the industry, we provide best-in-class services.

Manifold will help you build a firm digital foundation with our service offering and expert consultations. Manifold helps ensure that the right decision is made, and your investments are optimized and leveraged to their fullest capacity.

Manifold can delivers agility, scalability, On demand resources and Cost effectiveness to meet demands of modern digital workforce that aims to satisfy your customers.
Manifold can help you derive unprecedented automation, flexibility, agility, scalability and efficiency to transform the way you deliver IT.
Manifold provide turnkey solutions and tools to help aid the adoption of an effective cloud strategy, a hybrid cloud model that can provide both significant cost savings and greater business agility.
Manifold is geared to work with organizations to better serve their customers and compete more in the market by adopting the DevOps model.
We help organizations streamline and automate their processes to reduce costs, increase revenue, and ensure accuracy with enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence, security and control.
Manifold is here to fulfill all your security & Compliance needs with our turnkey solutions in Endpoint Security, Security Information & Event Management, Cyber Security, etc.

Get your Business
Right up There

Manifold has turnkey capabilities with an expert network of strategic foreign and local technical partners and manufacturers.

From your problem
To real solution

Manifold has turnkey capabilities with an expert network of strategic foreign and local technical partners and manufacturers.

STEP 1Your Problem

We offer free assessments in order to discover your business needs.

STEP 2Our Observance

Our team of experts analyse your infrastructure assessment results and work determine the appropriate solution.

STEP 3Our Suggestions

Our experts proposes perfect solutions to address your organization's pain points and share with you the integration plan.

STEP 4Your Success

We ensure the solution we proposed gives you the results you desired and provide you with value added services to gain more benefits.


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