ITOps often refers to three areas: network infrastructure, computer operations and help desk, and server and device management. Though these areas are flexible depending on your company, these are the most common divisions for ITOps.

    • Network infrastructure is the hardware and software that is the structure and safety for the company’s network. This area can include:
    • Installing and managing networking functions for internal and external IT communications
    • Managing security and regulatory compliance
    • Providing remote access for network users, such as VPNs, two-factor authentication, etc.
    • Management internal phone system management
    • Overseeing network health and altering network personnel with any issues
    • The computer operations and help desk area often includes:
    • Managing the physical data centre, including equipment locations, electricity, cooling, battery backups, etc.
    • Auditing network configuration and security to report to outside institutions like corporate auditors, local and state regulatory bodies, business partners, etc.
    • Overseeing backups and disaster recovery
    • Building and managing an internal IT infrastructure library
    • Managing the internal IT help desk
    • Creating, authorizing, and managing user roles

The area devoted to service and device management often includes:

    • Configuring, maintaining, upgrading, patching network applications and infrastructure
    • Managing network and individual user storage to ensure proper disk, memory, backup, and archiving
    • Setting up, updating, and fixing PCs and mobile devices for individual users
    • Licensing and managing software as needed for user devices

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Manifold Computers offers end-to-end IT solutions including hardware, software, network infrastructure, systems integration and provisioning and implementation of mission-critical IT solutions. By taking advantage of best practices across the industry, we provide best-in-class services.

Manifold will help you build a firm digital foundation with our service offering and expert consultations. Manifold helps ensure that the right decision is made, and your investments are optimized and leveraged to their fullest capacity.

Manifold can delivers agility, scalability, On demand resources and Cost effectiveness to meet demands of modern digital workforce that aims to satisfy your customers.
Manifold can help you derive unprecedented automation, flexibility, agility, scalability and efficiency to transform the way you deliver IT.
Manifold provide turnkey solutions and tools to help aid the adoption of an effective cloud strategy, a hybrid cloud model that can provide both significant cost savings and greater business agility.
Manifold is geared to work with organizations to better serve their customers and compete more in the market by adopting the DevOps model.
We help organizations streamline and automate their processes to reduce costs, increase revenue, and ensure accuracy with enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence, security and control.
Manifold is here to fulfill all your security & Compliance needs with our turnkey solutions in Endpoint Security, Security Information & Event Management, Cyber Security, etc.

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Manifold has turnkey capabilities with an expert network of strategic foreign and local technical partners and manufacturers.

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Manifold has turnkey capabilities with an expert network of strategic foreign and local technical partners and manufacturers.

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We offer free assessments in order to discover your business needs.

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Our team of experts analyse your infrastructure assessment results and work determine the appropriate solution.

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Our experts proposes perfect solutions to address your organization's pain points and share with you the integration plan.

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We ensure the solution we proposed gives you the results you desired and provide you with value added services to gain more benefits.


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