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Self-Driving IT Operations Management

VMware vRealize Operations delivers self-driving IT operations management from apps to infrastructure to optimize, plan and scale SDDC and VMware Cloud deployments with visibility into multiple public clouds. Powered by AI and predictive analytics, it helps IT run production operations hands-off and hassle-free with a unified operations platform. vRealize Operations delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance, on-premises or SaaS.

Get 303% ROI with <3-Month Payback

See how organizations reduced unplanned downtime, increased productivity, and decreased costs in a Forrester TEI Study.

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Go zombie hunting and lower costs, strengthen security, and improve sustainability.

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Why Choose vRealize Operations

Proven solution from the market leader

Customers can trust self-driving operations for their most demanding applications from the market leader as ranked by IDC for four consecutive years

Native console built for SDDC and vSphere

Customers prefer native instrumentation, designed by the same engineering teams, which works together seamlessly with vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS and vSAN.

True Cloud Management Platform

Self-driving operations is connected to deep data and market leading automation, so that IT has confidence the performance and costs are optimized accurately and according to business intent.

Unchartered operational agility

vRealize Operations offers multiple deployment options from on-premises to SaaS to support business innovation, reduced time to market, and rapid scalability. Customers with distributed and complex environments can get federated views across multiple and geographically dispersed data centers and across multiple vRealize Operations or vRealize Operations Cloud instances.

Best hybrid cloud monitoring and troubleshooting

Customers can fix problems at the speed of light with intelligent analytics run on structured and unstructured data connected to a broad ecosystem of applications and infrastructure.


Continuous Performance Optimization

Assure application performance at minimal cost, driven by operational and business intent with real-time predictive analytics driving actions and AI to automatically balance workloads and proactively avoid contention. Apply automated intent-driven workload balancing and optimization to VMware Cloud Foundation, vSAN or VMware Cloud on AWS

Capacity and Cost Management and Planning

Reduce cost and improve efficiency with real-time ML-based capacity analytics correlated with cost analytics, improving utilization and consolidation while proactively planning for future.

Integrated Compliance

Reduce risk and enforce IT and regulatory standards with integrated compliance and automated drift remediation.

Next-Gen Ops Platform

vRealize Operations offers multiple deployment options to support your business innovation, reduce time to value, and rapidly scale.

Intelligent Remediation

Predict, prevent and troubleshoot faster with actionable insights correlating metrics and logs with unified visibility from applications to infrastructure. Streamline and centralize IT operations with native SDDC integrations with VMware Cloud Foundation, vSphere 7.0, vSAN, VMware Cloud on AWS, and multiple public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

VMware Cloud on AWS

vRealize Operations delivers a unified hybrid cloud management experience for VMware Cloud on AWS.

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vRealize Operations with Native vSAN Integration

Build the foundation for modern infrastructure with vSAN and vRealize Operations

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